Christmas Decoration at Mid Valley 2009

December 24, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Made a detour to Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur after dinner and took a few shots of the Christmas decorations. I don't recall much of the ones from past years, as this is the first time I've shot here. I'll have something to compare next year if I were to come again.

Priscilla and Marvin's Wedding Dinner

December 21, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Priscilla and Marvin had their wedding ceremony in Kuching one week before this wedding dinner in Kepong.

Kok Ping and Siew May's Wedding Day

December 14, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Kok Ping and Siew May and it was on the 3rd October 2009. Congratulations to the both of them :)

Christmas Decoration at 1 Utama 2009

December 14, 2009 4 Comments A+ a-

Made a trip to 1 Utama, Bandar Utama just now and had a shot at the Christmas decoration. I still prefer the one with the toy soldiers from many many years ago.

Tao Hsin and Li Lean's Wedding

December 07, 2009 0 Comments A+ a-

Tao Hsin and Li Lean got in touch with me more than half a year before the arrival of this day to cover their wedding. The day has finally arrived and the weather on this very morning was lovely and it was perfect for a wedding.