Riding The Waves of Change

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Costume Party in December

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One December, the first week that is, I so happen to be in Rochester, Kent and they were celebrating Christmas Dickens. I've missed the other one, Summer Dickens, which is normally held either on the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June.

The Eye That Does Not See

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What used to be the tallest ferris wheel in the world - the London Eye, has been superceded by two other taller ferris wheels in Asia. However, the operators of The London Eye still claim that it is "the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel" as the entire structure is supported by an A-frame on one side only. Regardless of first, second or third, it's still one big ferris wheel.

I used to be Black

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Traditionally, Black cabs are all black in London and most major cities. In London, you'll spot quite a number of these cabs in different colours, and some with advertising brand liveries.

My Silhouette is as good as Kenny G's

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One thing you'll noticed littered all over London - I'm not referring to chewing gums, are statues of all shapes and sizes. I came across this random statue along some random street (forgotten the exact location thus... random :) ) which I find would create an awesome silhoutte.

London Bridge is Falling Down

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If you still think that this is London Bridge, well, I'll tell you this, it's NOT!! :) This is the infamous Tower Bridge that is situated next to the Tower of London. Surprise surprise. Never did know that it was first opened in 30 June 1894. WOW!

Zeng Hui in the Park

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We've planned this photo session for ages and finally our schedule has cleared up enough to fit this in. We've managed to get some good shots of baby Zeng Hui before it became too sunny.

Frozen in Time

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These are some of the prominent statues erected around St Paul's Cathedral. At the time of my visit, other than knowing that these are of someone important, I never did bother to look up who they were. On reviewing/reposting these photoes, I've found my answer.

This is the statue of Queen Anne which stands outside the west front of St Paul's Cathedral. My sources (the internet) say that this is not the original that was erected in 1712, but a replica made by Francis Bird in 1886.

As for these ladies around the base of the statue, they represent England, France, Ireland and North America, as at that time Queen Anne considered herself to be queen of them all.

Old Cathedral Bridging Into the New Millennia

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Quick history lesson.

That magnificent dome to your left is St Paul's Cathedral. This is the one built by Christopher Wren and was completed on 20 October 1708. What about the other St Paul's Cathedral that I've implied? Well, they were built on the same site long ago but were burnt down one after another before this one was finally built.

That piece of modern structure to your right that we call a bridge, is The Millennium Bridge. At one time, it was coined 'The Wobbly Bridge'. It was first opened to the public on 10 June 2000, and was closed to the public two days after it opened. The reason... well, it swayed, swung and oscillated too much. It was reopened on 27 February 2002.

Bobby in Fluorescent Green

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During one sight-seeing outing near St Paul's Cathedral, we spotted a pair of these Mounted Police patrolling the streets. Don't see much of these over here in my part of the world.