Xin Yee and Family

November 24, 2008 2 Comments A+ a-

Took these last Sunday of baby Xin Yee for Kai Chin and Mei Feng.

Annie and Kok Kwong's ROM

November 04, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

This is the assignment that I've talked about yesterday. It all happened in the morning of 1st November 2008 at Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Annie and Kok Kwong got married that very morning. Congratulations to the both of them.

Reaching For The Sky

November 03, 2008 0 Comments A+ a-

Last Saturday morning, I've met up with Willy for a morning walk around Thean Hou Temple before that morning's assignment. What assignment you may ask. Well, stay tuned. More photoes to come on the assignment.

To my friends from the other part of the world, Thean Hou Temple is one of the more impressive temples around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.